How to create a natural makeup routine?

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Every girl loves to get dolled up and feel beautiful in a full face of makeup, but not every day is a day to go out in a look that you would normally wear on a date or a night out on the town with your girlfriends, and frankly, who has the time to do a full face of makeup every morning. So if you want to go for that fresh faced, natural no makeup look and to be able to create your own natural makeup routine, continue reading. It is very important to start off with a fresh and clean face before you apply your makeup. To ensure your skin is protected from your foundation sinking into your pores, you must first apply a moisturizer to your face. Not only will it act as a barrier between your skin and your foundation, but it will keep your face from getting dry. Allow for the moisturizer to dry for about 3-5 minutes. After your moisturizer has dried, you will next apply a primer. The primer will allow your foundation to last longer. You can apply the primer with your fingers or a brush. Just as you allowed your moisturizer to settle, you want to allow the primer to go through the same process. Using your shade of choice and foundation brush, you will then apply your foundation to your face. It is very important that to not only apply it to your face, but you reach your ears and neck. This step is necessary because you want to make sure your face and neck are the same color. Many women forget this step and end up with two different shades showing sometimes. When you have applied your foundation, you want to make sure you have concealer also in your shade. The concealer will be used to cover up any dark spots you may have on your face. An important rule to remember, foundation is more for any skin discolorations and concealer is targeted to covering up those pesky dark marks and spots that are on your face. After your foundation and concealer has been applied, you will then want to apply your foundation powder using your powder brush, and apply your powder to your face and neck and distribute the powder evenly. Now to bring some life to your face, with your blush color of your choosing, apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks to give yourself a rosy glow. With your foundation, concealer and blush applied you are ready to move on to the last phase to complete your everyday makeup routine, the eyes. Grabbing your liquid eyeliner, create a simple cat eye and allow for it to dry. After your eyeliner has dried, apply two coats of mascara to create a volumized look for your lashes. With your beautiful fresh face done, to complete your look, moisturize your lips with chapstick. For a more fresh and natural look, you want to make sure you select a lip color that is more on the nude side or a pale pink, depending on your preference. Apply a pale pink lip gloss to your lips to complete your look. As you look in the mirror reflect on your rosy cheeks, heavenly glossed pink lips and flawless foundation, you can now smile because you have just created a simple and everyday natural makeup routine.

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