What Are 5 Make-up Tips for Moms Who Are Busy?

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Many mothers like me struggle to keep the balance of taking care of their children and taking care of themselves because there's one thing that we all seem to not have enough of, and that is time. Whether a full time mom, working mom, single mom or new mom, we all need to find ways to maximize the little time we have for ourselves. So here are five make-up tips for moms.

1. A baby carrier is your best friend

You're running late and no one else is there to assist you with a crying baby — sounds like a helpless scenario. Grab your baby carrier and wear your baby while you do your makeup!

Spend a minute or two to calm your baby then wear him/her on your back. If she likes being on your chest better, no problem. Simply put a cloth or tissue on top of her head.This way, she is safe from your make up particles that may fall. If you know that motion will put your baby to sleep, try doing your make up while standing or moving around a bit.

This might sound like a tiring thing but trust me, you'll feel like a super woman after cuz then you'll realize that you just hit two birds in one stone. By the time you're done with make up, your baby is fast asleep and you're free to do the rest of your getting ready routine without any further interruptions.

2. Use a tinted bb cream with SPF as your first step

This product saves you a lot of time. It serves as a moisturizer, sun protection, and light makeup coverage. A very good tinted bb cream that I have been using for over two years now (and never got tempted to try others because I am satisfied with it!) is Aveeno tinted bb cream with spf 30. You may or may not (depends on how dry or oily your skin is) apply your daily moisturizer prior to it.

I usually ditch the moisturizer because bb cream moisturizes my skin enough especially on summer days when I'm more oily and don't feel like having layers of makeup on my face under the hot scorching sun!

3. Keep a compact face powder handy

All you really need to look fresh after hours of doing work (may it be cooking and taking care of baby at home, or working in the office) is a good face powder to cover up all that stress and oil that those work hours have gathered for you. Rimmel's stay matte pressed powder in translucent works great for almost everyone!

4. Choose one and never both: fierce eyes or bold lips

Decide what look you want for the day. Putting too much make up can end up to more time waste when you're in a rush. Less is more after all. To save time with eye make up, use one eyeshadow color. If you opt for bold lips, keep your eyes simple by applying your favorite mascara on those lashes then use the bold lip color that suits you best.

5. Conceal your eye bags the right way because you’ve probably been sleepless in seattle

If you're using a concealer that cakes or creases up, its time to toss it out of your makeup bag because there's definitely better products out there. A concealer that covers under eye dark spots and lines with eye brightening effect is something that'll keep others from knowing that your baby kept you up all night. Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer + Treatment, or Mac's Prep + Prime highlighters will do the job. This is one of the best make-up tips for moms.

These two products usually work on their own for me but if you need more opacity, apply a layer of good concealer on top like Mac's studio finish with spf 35.

I know it's easy and relieving to not care about your looks when you're already too busy taking care of the important people around you. But it's always good to remember that as mothers, we can't give the love we want for our children if we don't love ourselves first. Take care of yourself super human — you need it. :)

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