How do I break up with my stylist and find a different hair stylist if I'm not happy with my hair?

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How to Break Up with Your Hair Stylist

If you've been going to the same hairstylist for a while and feel your hair has gone from wow to what now? it may be time to break up with your stylist. However, this is easier said than done; no doubt after months of small talk in the stylist's chair you'll have built up some kind of bond with your stylist. This makes it harder to be assertive and move on to a different hair stylist, but there are ways to do it without souring the relationship forever.

Give Them One More Chance

Tell your stylist that you haven't been as happy with your previous visits, and tell them exactly why. Explain in detail what you want your hair to look like, but be realistic: If you're asking for hair like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and you have short black hair, it's no surprise that you have not been content. Stylists are not miracle workers; they can only work with what they've got in front of them.

Look in magazines for hairstyles that you love, ones that you think could be recreated on you, cut them out and give them to your stylist. If you've been upfront and you're still not getting what you want, it's time to change stylist and get the hair that you really want.

Talk To Them

Being honest about these things is tricky, but it's best if you can tell your stylist face to face that things aren't working out. From a professional standpoint they'll appreciate the feedback, especially if you can be specific about why you are moving on. And, who knows, maybe this will be the move needed to inspire your stylist to take on extra training or to work on their customer interaction.

Make sure that when you talk to your stylist you point out that it is not personal; the chances are your stylist will realize this and move on with grace.

If you really can't handle breaking up with your stylist in person, consider sending a thank you card with a brief explanation.

Consider Going to a New Salon

If you really like a different hair stylist in the same salon as your ex-stylist, it's not impolite to give them a go, but, to save hurt feelings, perhaps make an appointment on a day where you know your ex has a day off. Or consider a new stylist altogether. Yelp is a good website to visit to find a new salon: you can often find information on prices and services offered, plus you get the benefit of reading reviews from other clients, which should help you narrow down your options. Or ask around; if you have a friend with a haircut you particularly like, ask them where they get it cut.

Just remember, you may realize after visiting a new stylist that your old stylist isn't so bad after all, so, be polite, be gentle, and your stylist should open you back with open arms if you decide to return.

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